Sunday, December 17, 2006

you&us (main stream media and blogosphere)

I think there is some truth in what Seth is saying: Dan Gillmor appears to be correct in that there is a "you" *as opposed* to "us" as far as the main stream media is concerned... but if that is a flaw it doesn't seem to be one that is corrected in the blogosphere... (just not sure that Dan's comments implied that things were all that different when blogs themselves are under scrutiny). D.


... still, I think the charge that the Time was in the wrong is misplaced (because it ignores practical issues; just imagine they would have done Time: "the person of the year is...*us*!" what?*???* that would have never worked without an explanatory paragraph... and by the time you do all that...the effect is lost); It helps to put yourself in the other's shoes before starting to criticize (not that I'm all that good at it myself...) D.

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