Sunday, December 10, 2006

NAN's first project (sort of...)

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I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to attract and keep *NewAssignment* volunteers.

I know you said the AIGA people will be the “core” of the network (which implies others, presumably NA volunteers among them, would also be part of it) but I don’t think that provides enough direction and cohesion for what will hopefully end-up being a network of NA volunteers that will be here to stay (so you could count on them for future projects).

Things that I’d consider:

— have the NA volunteers post the pictures uploaded to a separate page — something connected with NA, preferably — (not directly on the official project page) and just SHARE them with the project;
— this would not only give a sense of “community” (ah — I know you don’t seem to like that word much… just let me know what you’d prefer I used instead and I’ll just do that…) but by separating the NA contributions, would give you a good idea of how many volunteers *you* have at this point;
— or you could ask for some sort of contact info when uploading the pics and compile a list of people who have volunteered with NA (with their *permission*, of course — a question such as “would you consider volunteering with NA in the future?” would probably help)
I’d also try to take the project on the ground (even in a very minor way):
e.g. I’d *seriously* consider being PART OR IT: I mean, pick a voting place most convenient to you and actually *do* what you are asking the volunteers to do; if you could get some local volunteers to join you, it would be even better… And you could maybe have a podcast so people would have a good idea of what was involved? It seems to me that it could be very useful for volunteers to see *you* talking to people and finding out what are the legal bounds of taking pictures at the particular location you have chosen; and of course it would be good if you did this ahead of time (I think this would probably give them confidence that they could do it too…)


P.S. Looks like at least *some* journalism students would be interested interested in NA kind of projects… (re:
P.P.S Oh… I’m afraid some people (who otherwise wouldn’t mind participating) might not respond too well at being given “assignments.” It’s the name you’ve chosen and it’s not necessarily a bad name, it’s just that I’d consider phrasing it differently when asking people to volunteer for particular projects.


worried about Jay's missing out on things again (his response: second post *up* the comments thread)

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