Sunday, December 10, 2006

my return (worried about "the Daylife connection")

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Connection with Daylife?


Some people might be wondering whether there is an undisclosed connection between NewAssignment and Daylife.

“[Jeff Jarvis] also said the site would provide technical and distribution help to NewAssignment, which aims to encourage ‘smart mobs’ of regular citizens to submit ideas and report the news through a process they're calling ‘open source journalism.’" ( )

This statement was made *before* either Daylife or NewAssignment were even launched. If I remember right, Jeff Jarvis is involved with both projects (editor for Daylife and advisor for NewAssignment).

Some people might be wondering why? (Why would the for-profit Daylife *necessarily* provide technical and distribution help to the non-profit NewAssignment…)

Does Daylife stand to gain from the work done within NewAssignment? If that’s the case, I think volunteers/donors for NewAssignment should be made aware of that.


P.S. just wanted to let you know (will be away for the day so I can only read your reply, if any, when I get back probably late in the day).

P.P.S. another thing that might be relevant: Daylife seeks to “create a distributed platform for the world’s news” (; meanwhile, NewAssignment’s model is distributed reporting…(

ok... I'd keep an eye on it.

I mean, I don't see anything wrong with just learning (and possibly putting it to lucrative use, as long as you don't secure intellectual property rights), but it might end-up being a whole lot more than that (impossible to tell at this point, if you ask me, given how little is known about what Daylife would really do).

You may find-out that Jeff Jarvis is not such a good choice (even for a *free* advisor): he may end-up having serious conflicts of interest.

I'd also watch donations (or collaboration) from other for profits that are more than casually related to NewAssignment for their source of profit (giving money or "help" to NewAssignment might be an attempt to influence for financial gain).


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