Saturday, December 30, 2006

Unethical? (or just pain dumb...)

my comment

Dan: if it wasn’t unethical it seems to have been just plain dumb… (this reads like something straight out of an advertisement pamphlet to me…)

“Dash’s new Express In-Car navigation system ( might not help with your primary search (finding a potential mate), but it will keep you on the right path. It’s the first nav system with two-way connectivity, not only using Wi-Fi and cellular networks to pull in traffic and weather conditions, but also communicating with other Dash drivers and adjusting your route accordingly.”


P.S. then again, the leading passage sounds ever worse:”Women like strong men, and not sob stories. Give yourself a testosterone boost by purchasing something manly. Like electronics.” (sounds like a desperate door to door salesman… what’s wrong with this guy? can’t he see what this reads like?) D.

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