Thursday, December 14, 2006

screw the advertisers!

specialized newsletters

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I like this! it's just that... screw the advertisers! get as many interested people as you can to help and make sure the "interest" you are covering would have enough people that are not in the position to help... willing to pay... Have something like a special interest newsletter instead or a "newspaper"... at least some of the interested people are going to help and if you have plenty of interested readers... why not stop there? your costs should be significantly reduced since you have people that would pitch in and help -- that should help turn a decent profit (and the readers would really love you for not trying to shove things in front of their eyes).


P.S. If you can't turn a decent profit that way... (and that should not be more than “normal” salaries etc. for those employed)… maybe that's not something worth covering...

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