Monday, December 11, 2006

inside tabloid for the press industry?

... what are VandeHei and Harris thinking?


re: VandeHei and Harris


They may not have much of a vision but that may not be what they are after... I think there *could* be $$$ in the kind of business they allude to...

It does sound vague it terms of strategy so it's hard to tell what they really have in mind but here's something I think *might* work: treat the exposing of "other peoples' sources" as "news" per se -- focus on that, do a great job of it (using inside knowledge that does not involve turning "other peoples' sources" into your own sources), get peoples' help through the internet (get tips, inside info, actual work, whatever they would be able and willing to provide -- this could be the "interactive" part) and market it to those who would be interested in this "inside tabloid" sort of stuff... not a mass market, for sure...(at least not initially) but it could possibly end-up being a financial success. Sort of a blown-up Valleywag for the "Press Industry." And getting this stuff on TV could expand the existing market much further than anticipated.

Of course, they may end-up doing more damage than good... but again, "doing good" (having a vision) may not be what they are after...


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