Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seth & Jon: what would they want Dan to do?


sorry I’m late…

re: Dan: “I still see nothing wrong with shifting **more** responsibility onto the consumer of media. In fact, that strikes me as a healthy shift.” … “consumers will have do a little more intellectual lifting, which they should have been doing all along.”

You can’t realistically expect average people to spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing information from a large number of sources that may or may not be reliable and do a good job at it (most people don’t have the time and/or the expertise) — it is the job of the media to provide the equivalent of executive summaries that people can use (journalism is failing when it does not fulfill this function)

MORE: Jon: hope you had a good day overall... (it's getting much colder now, even down South)

List the ponies, Seth! let's hear it:)... D

Seth & Jon:

so what would you want Dan to do? let's assume he'd listen:), specifically, how would you want him to change so you would be more approving and less critical of what he says and does ... ?