Thursday, January 18, 2007

you can't make them read...

Hi Pramit!

re: “One good story does not build stickiness. For repeat visits, you need consistency. For consistency, writers must post good stories over a long period for the Google effect, Pagerank and others to push the product along. That takes time and money.”

Well…the idea is not to fire people if they don’t get enough clicks right away (it does appear to take some time to get an accurate read of what a particular writer has to offer the clients you are serving). It’s just that somebody that has been writing for a good while and has gotten no clicks or very few would probably find a better match elsewhere or… doing something else… wouldn’t you say?

I mean… there is no way to force people to read the “good stuff” (according to you) if they would rather do something else… It could be argued that you might be able to change their mind in time (good luck if you are willing to put in the finances and take the risk! it is just not required if you are in it for the money…– which was the situation I was looking at).


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