Saturday, January 27, 2007

is all blogging journalism?

Dan, it seems to me that most people don’t think of blogging as journalism… it’s more of an extroverted diary, a chance to put thoughts down and get the ideas out there (if anybody else is interested or… even if they aren’t…). Yes it would be good if they were all nice and fair but plenty just aren’t and I don’t know that I can fault them for it… (they are just “volunteers” showing up at work and doing what they can… subject to their many limitations including blatant bias) D.

should it be?

that wasn’t obvious to me… (the *getting paid* part… is that what you meant? that since he was getting *paid* to do it…)

well, then, I think he will hear more on this… (from his employer!)

still, is that something agreed on? journalists blogging are held to “the rules of journalism”? I’m thinking that even if they are trained to be fair etc. (well, should be) they may not necessarily want to practice that on their own time… you’d certainly not expect that if they were writing a diary, for instance… (they are people after all… may need to relax once in a while…)

and are they necessarily *paid* for blogging when it occurs in the context of their employment? (because if they are NOT, you’d think they would just stop doing it and go get some coffee instead if it turns out to be just too much of a headache…) D.

(may just need to kick back and relax ...)

Paul: I think regarding the *whole* of blogging as journalism (even if you just look at it as what would be ideal) is missing a very important aspect — just kicking back and relaxing!

Dan: yes, those are GREAT qualities that would serve anybody well in *serious* circumstances… (I’m just not sure that blogging, when done by journalists in their own time, should always be regarded as… one of *those* situations…) D.

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