Wednesday, January 3, 2007

(not) making our own reality

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re: 'we make our own reality'
that would only be true if we controlled *all* the movers (which, luckily, we don't...-- if there was any doubt about this, you'd think the Iraq fiasco would have cleared it all up...)

being big is not enough

re: "I think the aide who said we create our own reality was absolutely right."

Jayson: We may be big but we do not dictate (control) what all others do at all times (see Iraq, if you have any doubts) -- that's why we DON'T "create our own reality" (since our reality is affected by what others do or don't do...: if we created our own reality wouldn't you say that the Iraq thing would have been gloriously done and over with a long time ago?)

re: "By the way - I find your characterization of the President as leading a "revolt against empiricism" to be wholly unsubstantiated."

well, that was a bit poetically put ("revolt against empiricism") -- aside from that, what kind evidence would you need to agree with Jay's assessment of the situation?


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