Wednesday, January 3, 2007

conveying local info efficiently

get more variables in the rating process --> convey more info

(Fabrice Florin's general idea could be applied to rating things like pizza places)

Lisa: good luck with your project! (sounds impressive)

Mike: I agree... (re:"blogs" per se, may not be the best medium to deliver hyperlocal information, especially data")

-- let's just take Lisa's example above (pizza places): some sort of a ranking or comparison would convey the info much more efficiently; I like Fabrice Florin's idea (he applied it to news but it could be applied here too: get more variables in the rating process and convey more info...)
I think innovators need to keep in mind that most people have a limited time and willingness to spend gathering info.

And for those who *want* more... in a *narrative* form? why not?


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