Sunday, January 7, 2007

Whatever could have set Jay off like that?

UPDATE: just to make sure everybody understood: no, I did NOT mean I was going to really *bother* anybody (or go step on anybody's toes) -- just kidding:) D.

Perhaps a *longer* break would be an even *better* thing…?

note to self: go bother Dan Gillmor next time! (Nawh, he seem like a much much mellower guy -- probably very difficult to bother... short of stepping on his toes -- inadvertently , of course;)

As to Jeff Jarvis, I should probably boycott his BuzzMachine until he gets rid of those ads! (I’ve seen something else aside from that Treo ad – no ads should *ever* be there! period… hmmm… wondering if he is trying to raise money so he could fly first class?... oh, those poor knees of his -- all that abuse… I’d wear knee pads if I was him :).


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