Thursday, January 18, 2007

less sensitive topics...

...would probably be a good start


Well... I thought you intended to have a *debate*! (between people having opposite views)-- may have just been the byproduct of your post, I don't know...
I think this aspect was a success -- in a limited way, of course -- but given the difficulty of the topic... let's say I think it wasn't a bad start!

I think it could be much better if the topic is much less sensitive (at least until the people with opposite view points get familiar with each other and respect and some sort of understanding develops -- I thought I saw a movement, albeit a tinny one, in this direction).

re: "the right wing blogosphere boycotts actual discussion of the post, even though it's about them. Big surprise!"

you are right! -- it *isn't* a surprise... I'm just looking at it differently: it's a *very* touchy subject and will probably continue to be for a good long while... (so maybe giving it a rest would not be a bad idea...)

re: When that happens the dead enders go and beat on Bush's critics and "the media" to make their anxieties go away.

again, I'd suggest giving it a rest... dropping the topic for a good long while (it may need to be a *very* long while...)


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