Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Wikia) people powered search -- the *wrong* way...

EVEN MORE: (10th comment) re: "what is in reality a highly automated and self-contained system that depends on *repeatable, mechanized processes*" [my emphasis]

I think this is a serious limitation of search engines. Plenty of things are just not amenable to using "repeatable, mechanized processes." There is definitely a place for people as far as improving search.


MORE: (8th comment)

re: "Delia: Sort of defeats the purpose."

Seth: I would have asked Larry to post again without the credibly libelous part. I mean, it's not like all comments bring original criticism here...


P.S.not a big deal, though (I just thought I'd let you know what I thought) D.

(5th comment) Let Larry talk, Seth... Let *us* decide if the part you did not regard as credible libel was "common criticism"... (now you just made me curious...)

Milton: I don't think the idea, in general, is a bad one (using people to improve search). I just don't think it could or should be done the way Jimmy is trying to do it (Seth is right on this).


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