Monday, April 7, 2008

to blog or not to blog? what *kind* of blogging?


Dan&Seth: I don’t think the issue can be presented in *general terms* — it’s WAY too varied… might just as well ask, “Is *reading* killing us?” — it all depends what are you reading and how you react to it, doesn’t it? it may well give heart attacks to some of the people… D.



Don’t you think it’s a legitimate concern? for *some* blogging/blogers? The issue could definitely be better framed but it is one worth talking about… I think.


MORE: God! how can I still post the wrong email address? (it posted with no problem once I got it right) D.
Dan, (2nd comment, awaiting moderation -- forgot to enter webpage , I don't know if this caused it to go in moderation, it usually posts automatically)

It seems to me that the issue is poorly defined: what *kind* of blogging?… it can be an enjoyable walk in the park or a recurrent nightmare and probably pretty much everything in between — all in a day of blogging.



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