Monday, December 17, 2007

giving credit: just basic respect...

STILL MORE: Hi Ket! re:" The giving of credit is not relevant though in determining copyright infringement."yet this seems to be what created the problem (I doubt we would have heard anything of this if attribution would have been given) D.

EVEN MORE: Hmmm… I don’t see how the Creative Commons (or any other such organization) could possibly give EXTRA rights to copyright owners that they do not already have by law. The whole idea behind CC is to *give away* SOME rights copyright owners legally *have* (while preserving some of them, such as attribution, which appears to be just basic respect). D.

MORE: It seems to me that it IS legally required (unless the people running the CC License are completely ignorant of the law... and I seriously doubt that). I mean, they devised a way for copyright holders to give away some LEGAL rights so that the "creative commons" (aka. the society at large) would be better off. The right of attribution is NOT among those rights (just check out the link I gave).


I don't get it... what's the big deal with giving someone *credit* for having produced something original, such as a photograph? Why *shouldn't* credit be given? Who's harmed by giving credit? Even the Creative Commons retains this right... and it does give away quite a few rights that could be legally retained, just not THIS one... it apparently regards it as not harmful and fundamental.


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