Friday, November 9, 2007

Bye bye to Jay (maybe last time?)

EVEN MORE: lesson: have your comment -- and the full path to it -- on your OWN blog also... always...)

my post: No Jay, I'm afraid I won't see you around -- you have excellent projects but you are just a nightmare to deal with as a person. Good luck with your projects! D.

I just didn't think Jay would do this but I guess it matters little at this point... (the comment *posted* in the morning so I though..."ok, I'm done with this..."; didn't check for a possible response until much later in the day -- I was just going to make sure he didn't post anything I needed to address...

seems cowardish to me... -- I mean, my parting post was both honest and well meaning (under the circumstances...)

I would have thought he would have had the decency to leave it posted... Oh, well... as I was saying... doesn't matter at this point... D.

MORE: yes, last time...

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