Friday, November 9, 2007

Alright! this blog has come to an end... Thanks to those who have followed it!

MORE: I'm it the process of getting it together the way I would go over an album to make sure it had the things I wanted in it... before putting it up in the attic :) (it's probably going to take me a couple of days: a lot of entries are in draft form at this point) D.

what would I have done different if I got to do it all over again: I would have taken Fabrice up on this (I would have at least given him the chance to clarify the long term financial plans for his project like I did with Jay-- I wouldn't have wanted to help with anything that was just going to turn for profit down the road and I didn't think it was clarified on the site)


P.S. still, I don't really have regrets -- this was my first blog and I learned a lot -- and it was still fun (most of the time...); interesting and important topic! (may well do a "second edition", latter on: different people, different projects)

P.P.S oh... and I would have listened to Seth more... D.

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