Friday, June 8, 2007

the great debate that never was :(...

So how about that debate? What are the serious issues Andrew raises, as far as you can see? (the “topics that need serious treatment”) D.


I don’t mind hearing what you think but I was really asking Dan.


P.S. oh… Seth, I don’t know how to say this but you come across like a frustrated kid that nobody/nothing can make feel better… I think it would be nice is you quieted down (you have a lot of good ideas but they always seem to come with whine) D.

Dan, you are *talking* about a lot of issues here but I don’t see much of a debate going on… so I think this could be a good opportunity to do something like this: I’d pick the “best issues” both you and Andrew agree on (although you probably ONLY agree on the fact that they *are* issues…), invite Andrew over and anybody else who would care to participate and… have that debate! D.

Don’t get hurt, Seth… get better ; you can do it! it’s all in the frame of mind… don’t take it too seriously — look at it as fun! D.

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