Saturday, April 28, 2007

suggestions for Digg


Kevin & Alex:

you need to set up some easy and obvious way for people to make suggestions for improving your Diggnation podcast

my suggestion: get a woman between you two! (, I did NOT mean *that* -- I felt compelled to clarify this given that Alex appears to have a well developed dirty mind...) really! I think it would help a lot... (especially if you'd like to build more of a female audience -- I suspect it's very small at the moment).

as to which woman, I'd invite the "top female digger of the week" (whoever submitted the highest ranking story that week, even if it didn't get very far...) to be the third person that week -- think of it as diversity and affirmative action (when the male/female following evens's probably going to take a good long while... then you can just invite the "top digger of the week," regardless of gender).

Good luck with everything and take care!


Hi, all! So do *I* ... re: stand by my opinion

Tink: true... still, I think the overall effect would be positive, possibly VERY much so... So what if some would be joining Digg in the hope that they would make it on the show? It's not like it would be easy to beat everyone else (even just for the female category). The way I look at it... IF they make it, they deserve it! (And if they can't make it to Cali on their own, maybe Digg should help...)But the main point of my suggestion and where the real value is (if you ask *me*, of course...) is EXPANDING the "digger base," especially the female one which appear to be very underrepresented (I think Diggnation, in it's current form, is just not helping much in this respect and it could really help a lot!).That's my opinion... Thanks for sharing yours! D.

knowing about Digg versus joining Digg

plenty of people (including women) KNOW about Digg... much fewer JOIN Digg... why is that? it seems to me that, at least part of it, is caused by "uneven marketing" and the Diggnation podcast is perhaps the most obvious example D.

why not help?

I think is worth doing what can be done to increase the female base... especially if you are correct (and I think you *are*) that even if the marketing would be even, there would be more males than females that would get involved in this... D.

Diggnation, for instance, is "marketing" to me...

but of course plenty of other things (whether or not are intended to be "marketing") seem to fulfill this function... e.g. the front page (it would be a big decision but I think it would be worth finding out whether the current design is appealing to women and if NOT... at least *consider* altering it...) D.

that's why I said *consider* it..

(and that actually changing it would be a big decision) -- I gave the example because it was a very clear one (when people find out about Digg they go to the front page -- I think their reaction to it, which is pretty much like a first impression, is very important) Same thing with watching Diggnation... D.

I think the format would have to change if it was to be a movie (not to be mean to Kevin & Alex but I doubt I would have set through a movie length Diggnation in it's current form... ) D.

Hi there, Tokenuser/Moderator...

That's correct! I registered for the purpose of posting this suggestion; I thought I got it down pretty well and... moved on to other things... *Do* let me know what conclusion are you drawing -- I'm curious!


P.S. there's a link from one of my blogs to this discussion thread (so I kept an eye on it given that anybody who reads my blogs would get direct access to this). D.

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