Friday, April 27, 2007

is this really reporting? (or has it become PR?)

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Jeff doesn't seem to allow links directly to my comment, so here's the duplicate:

“Who says that reporters are in charge of interviews anymore?”

true and sad! those who are actually doing their job (collecting all relevant info, checking for accuracy, inconsistencies etc. seem to be a disappearing breed — just look at all the misinformation about craigslist, for instance).

Isn’t accuracy and completeness the goal?”

absolutely! but how can it be accomplished if the interviewer has become the interviewee’s stenographer and is supposed to bow and thank him for the privilege?

Yes, it is a privilege to be granted a *real* interview (where the interviewee’s words are NOT the gospel and real questions are asked and answered so the truth can come out) but it is an insult to be offered anything *less*…

Might just as well skip it or seek employment with the interviewee as a PR person (at least then just repeating what your employer said and marveling at it whether it makes any sense or not wouldn’t be deceiving people…)


P.S. otherwise, great points! (especially on transparency, built-in context links and the “never ending” interview/article) D.

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