Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Craig's blog is "insightful"?


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I see... (it was just not obvious)

re: "contact us" page:


P.S. I'm even more baffled by your reaction to Craig now that I know your background...

P.P.S. and he *has* been on Facebook for a good while.

re: "Should you be on Facebook? I'm surprised you're not already."


Michael, what is your relationship with the site your name links to (you don't appear to be listed there at all). D.



I'm just curious, do you think Craig's speech at the Berkeley commencement was appropriate?


P.S. I tend to agree with Dave -- this is not something you do at commencement (you do have a captive audience there -- people pretty much have to be there -- and not doing this sort of thing seems to be just basic respect).

P.P.S. I think places like Facebook and Twitter are the same (people trust you not to do this sort of thing). D.

STILL MORE: (comment-126231606)

didn't people already tell you that was a no-no (aka spamming)? or was that on Tweeter? or the Berkeley commencement? or all of those...

here is a reminder if you've forgotten:

Dave:"I stopped paying attention somewhere in the middle and then for some reason my ears perked up when his speech became a political rally cry, but it was boring nonetheless."



P.S. this blog is a much more fair place for something like that (the vast majority of your readers would probably happily listen to whatever you'd like to say... political rally cry or not... and the few that *have* to read it for some reason or other don't have much choice in the matter...) D.



*Issues* raised? Again, it's a cut-and-paste-operation -- nothing original that I can see...

Looks like propaganda to me (always one-sided; devoid of analysis) and I have no doubt that some of these people/organizations would be willing to pay for this sort of thing.

I don't know that he *does* get paid, of course -- it is just my suspicion.




I'm at a loss as to what could you possibly find insightful about this blog -- it's a copy-and-paste-job when it comes to any serious issues. No analysis to speak of -- I've often wondered if Craig gets paid by some of the people/organizations he promotes on his blog.


... looks like this guy is just buttering him up...


Abigail said...

I feel like I came into ta marital spat midway through...can you fill me in on what makes Craig's blog so distatsteful to you, or what he did to offend? What looked like spamming to you? Just curious.

D. said...

Hi Abigail,

re: "I feel like I came into ta marital spat midway through"

LOL not even close... (but that was funny:)

as to Craig's blog, I think it offends peoples' intelligence

and I said in the comment to the entry on Craig's blog, the problem is not so much on his own blog (people make a choice to read it or not read it -- I, for instance, have to read it because of my craigslist criticism blog) as in his speeches (the Berkeley commencement is a good example) and in his Facebook and Twitter accounts (people have been complaining at times that his posts promoting particular causes were spammy) D.