Saturday, October 27, 2007

Facebook tricks?



I'm just curious if you read the "fine print" when you joined Facebook and were aware what were the limits (if any...) of Facebook using the private info you presumably gave them for the purpose of using Facebook...

re:"When Facebook uses the private information I give them in a play to target me when I’m away from Facebook, that’s a direction I don’t wish to be a part of."

I think you are right, Terry... and I doubt people knowingly consented to Facebook basically using people's private information against *themselves* -- you'd think at some point they are going to feel they got tricked and just walk away...


P.S. I think a non-profit competitor to Facebook that would safeguard people's private information instead of abusing it would eventually put Facebook out of business... (just like a non-profit competitor to craigslist that would use the profits that have reached ridiculous levels on customer service and improvements instead of ending up in the shareholders' pockets would probably make craigslist irrelevant in time) D.

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