Thursday, May 24, 2007

giving or not giving oral interviews...

Yes, Jay...

But your mentioned in your prior two entries that you were reconsidering giving oral interviews (at least that's what stuck *me* as interesting).

So, consistent with what you've said so far (if I understand it right), you only made the categorical decision not to do soundbite for TV news but... you *have* reconsidered giving oral interviews in other circumstances, also... Right?

If so, what were your reasons for reconsidering it in those other circumstances? (I think you already gave some reasons, such as having your responses questionably framed, but I get the impression that there must be more to it.)
you would *never* stop giving oral interviews altogether? (no matter what...) -- ok ... (I didn't think what you wrote and told Kurtz went that far...especially in the light of your prior entries; it seemed to me that there were plenty of things that weren't working nearly as well as of late and if they continued to get worse that was a possibility -- that at some point you'd just quit doing it altogether) D.

P.S. What would it take for you to stop giving oral interviews altogether (if you see this as a possibility). D.
don't give them ideas, Jay:)...(they could just *say* that even if they've already made up their mind if they know you would always talk to them if they say that...) ; sorry about the trolls -- I'm going to stop here on that account... D.

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