Friday, March 16, 2007

(mindlessly) aggregate and prosper?

bunch of exchanges with Dan Gillmor

“In any event, the papers have an easy way to “fix” this if they choose. They can block the aggregators from including them on those sites with technology.”

well… that’s not exactly a fix (they would like to be compensated for the use of their content by aggregators who *make $* off of it… — it seems silly that aggregators would be able to make money from other peoples’ content but the producers of that content could not…)

“They’d be idiots to do this, of course. Because then they’d lose even more readers. Whoops.”

well… are they profitable users? (if you just look at them as “traffic” and they actually make money from that traffic through advertising, fine… — except for the idea that advertising revenues cannot be counted on for the long run — but if this is not the case, from the business point of view, why would they care that a large number of users who were just soaking-up broadband would no longer be doing that?)

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